Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about HotelPro?

Founded in 2002, HotelPro provides diverse, flexible and dedicated labor solutions to meet the ever changing staffing needs of the hospitality industry. We treat our clients and our HotelPro family with respect, integrity and quick responsiveness.

HotelPro provides the hard working, dedicated Housekeeping, Laundry, Banquet, Food and Beverage personnel to industry leaders in the hospitality arena.

Which positions do you fulfill?

Housekeeping Supervisors
Room Attendants
Laundry Personnel

Banquets / Events:
Bar Backs
Concession Personnel
Banquet Houseman
Back Aisle Attendants

Food & Beverage:
Line & Grill Cooks
Utility Staff

How do you recruit your team members?

HotelPro operates a grass roots approach to recruiting that connects us to the community through relationships with local centers of influence. We’ve spent years developing our community relationships. The bulk of our team comes from recruiting network referrals. We also use a multimedia approach to market our positions.

Why do you feel you can recruit better than the hotel?

Recruiting is a core operational element of HotelPro’s business. Typically, hotels utilize an “outside in” approach to recruiting. This means that they put their recruiting needs out to the community through various types of advertising and wait for prospective team members to come to the hotel to apply. HotelPro does the opposite. We send recruiting teams into the community to seek out qualified team members. We bring the screening and selection process to them. We have developed solid relationships in the community and spend time hiring on site at local community centers

How do you train your team members?

HotelPro Training School:
We use the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute training program to assess each of our team members in terms of skills mastered and customize training as needed. The assessment consists of both written and practical evaluations. A full training program for eager yet less experienced team members consists of a five-day session involving presentation and practice.

On-Site Client Training:
Each property has its own service requirements that make it unique. We want to ensure that our team members understand your specific requirements.

  1. HotelPro will send one of our trainers out to sit in on your training.

  2. HotelPro will develop a property specific employee handbook that will include: directions, parking information, check in procedures, dress requirements, appearance standards, timesheet processes, meal policy, break schedule, a hotel contact list, hotel emergency procedures, etc.

  3. HotelPro offers reduced rates for the first three days of training for each experienced HotelPro team member working with you for the first time.

Why should I use HotelPro?

HotelPro’s model is a year-round solution that allows you the flexibility to increase and decrease staffing based on the peaks and valleys of your business. Our solution leaves the tasks of recruiting, screening, selecting, and retaining line level team members to the experts, allowing you to focus on your core business goals.

Our solution allows you to control:

  • Weekly Scheduling
  • Quality Control
  • Replacement Requests
  • Staffing Levels

While off loading the costs and headaches associated with:

  • Recruiting
  • Screening & Selection
  • Retention
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Replacement Fills

Benefits of HotelPro’s solution include:

  • Eliminating recruiting costs
  • Eliminating payroll and payroll processing costs
  • Eliminating benefit package costs
  • Eliminating worker’s compensation costs & claims
  • Eliminating unemployment costs & claims
  • Eliminating costs related to being “under or over” staffed
  • Gaining an extension to your human resources department
  • Gaining a full time recruiting team
  • Gaining additional team member supervision



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