HotelPro is a leading provider of line level team members to the hospitality industry

The Workforce Management Partner

HotelPro’s service model is a year round solution that allows you the flexibility to increase and decrease staffing based on the peaks and valleys of your business. Our solution leaves the tasks of recruiting, screening, selecting and retaining line level team members to the experts, allowing you to focus on your core business goals.

HotelPro understands the need for reliable, service - oriented line level team members. We provide the hard working, dedicated Housekeeping, Laundry, Banquet, Food and Beverage personnel to industry leaders in the hospitality arena.

HotelPro is government compliant and practices strict adherence to the following:

State / Federal Laws in the Hiring & Paying of Each Employee
State / Federal Laws in the Document Rectification Process
Quarterly Employee Notification on Documents about to Expire
Bi-Annual Audits Conducted Internally by HotelPro Corporate
    of Employee Files
Audits Conducted Externally by Clients.

As part of HotelPro’s open door policy, clients are invited to visit any of our offices at any time to audit our employment practices. We provide a solution to staffing needs that allows our clients to obtain peace of mind, knowing that the job is taken care of in the utmost professional manner.



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