What We Do

HotelPro was founded in 2002. Over the past 17 years, we have grown to be one of the most reliable and sought after hotel staffing partners in the industry.  With headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and regional locations from Arizona to Maryland, HotelPro serves hospitality’s top brands and holds nationally preferred status with leading hotel management companies.

For Our Clients

HotelPro partners with leading hotels to build and retain high quality, hardworking teams in housekeeping, laundry and food and beverage. Our services are flexible and tailored to match each individual property. HotelPro team members are carefully screened and selected, offering clients the very best staff the market has to offer.                        

For Our Staff Members

HotelPro excels in placing service minded, motivated employees in positive work environments. We are currently looking for talent to fill positions in housekeeping, laundry and food and beverage.  HotelPro offers competitive wages and a full benefit package.       


Our Brand Story

What's in a name?



Noun. An organization that provides customized staffing solutions in the hospitality industry.  

HotelPro team members are exclusively screened, selected and trained specifically to meet the needs of HotelPro clients. Looking for talent?  Click Here

Adjective. An individual notoriously described as highly professional, skilled, knowledgeable, hardworking, reliable and dedicated.  A “real go-getter!”  Ex.  Joe is very effective at his job, he is a real HotelPro!” Do you fit this description?  Apply Today!

What does the 'PRO' stand for in HOTELpRO?

We are glad you asked!  Not only does Pro stand for professional, which is exactly what you will come to expect when working with any HotelPro employee. Pro also stands for advancing or projecting forward or outward. At HotelPro, we are always one step ahead in anticipating the needs of our customers. This starts from day one by carefully listening to the needs of our clients and creating a customized, unique and flexible plan for staffing each property. The line of communication is never severed, it continues throughout the life our relationship.  Learn more about the benefits of partnering with HotelPro.