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HotelPro is dedicated to bridging talent with opportunity. We create a work environment that is built on respect, trust and integrity. We know each of our team members have their own unique story. We not only value that uniqueness, but believe that is what makes our staff special and why our partners prefer to work with us!  We look for hardworking and engaged talent and place them in an environment that will provide their best path to success.   

HotelPro offers competitive pay rates combined with a comprehensive benefit package that includes medical insurance and paid training.

Apply Today!

Apply Today!

HotelPro is the perfect place to achieve your dreams. With determination to change your life, we provide the bridge from line level positions to the career you desire.
— CaSandra Browne, Executive Vice President of HotelPro

Our commitment To Staff Members



HotelPro selects safe and desirable environments where you will be treated with respect, dignity and feel valued.



HotelPro provides full or part time employment. We work with leading hotels in the industry, so you have a choice!  



Working on perfecting English as a second language or improving other skills?  HotelPro will work with you to ensure you are in a team environment where you can grow your skills and are understood and respected!  



The hospitality industry has remarkable growth potential with a quick rate of career evolution.  If desired, this acceleration can take the form of rapid promotion opportunities or vertical career moves into more complex or prestigious work environments. Because of the nature of the industry, many individuals start in line level positions and work up towards supervisory and management positions.


Diversity and Global Skill Set

The hospitality industry is one of the most diverse industries in the world. Employees and guests range from all walks of life. This creates an exciting environment of opportunity.  The training you receive at HotelPro will become a skill set you can use across the globe.